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2021 Program  

Until the  government  removes all  restrictions  due  to the  corona virus  pandemic  ,we  will  continue  to  offer socially  distanced  brake  van tours

These  tours  will  last  for around  3-4 hours  including a short  comfort  break  at  our  loco shed - Each family  group  will  be allocated a  brake  van veranda  which will  be 2m from any  other groups

Due  to  the  cost  of  operating these  railtours  , we  have to ask  for a  donation of  50  per  veranda  - Each Veranda  can hold  6  unto people


Date Time Loco Status
10-Jul-21 12:00 Diesel Sorry  - Fully  Booked
17-Jul-21 12:00 Steam Sorry  - Fully  Booked
14-Aug-21 12:00 Steam Sorry  - Fully  Booked
28-Aug-21 12:00 Steam Sorry  - Fully  Booked
4- Sept-21 12:00 Steam Sorry  - Fully  Booked
11-Sept-21 12:00 Steam Sorry  - Fully  Booked
25- Sept-21 12:00 Steam Sorry  - Fully  Booked
16-Oct -21 11:00 Diesel Sorry  - Fully  Booked
23-Oct -21 11:00 Steam Sorry  - Fully  Booked

click here  to book a socially  distanced  brake  van tour  , or  phone us  on 07889 297271


Once all restrictions are  removed  , we  will look to  restart  railtours  using our  coaching stock , but  whilst  it  is  necessary  to  have  any form of  social  distancing we  cannot  maintain social  distancing and  carry  sufficient  passengers  to  make these rail tours  viable