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Socially  Distanced Brake  Van Tours

With  the  current  Coronvirus  pandemic , we've  been busy working on ways to  safely restart  our  railtours  , so we  are introducing socially  distanced brake van tours

These  tours  will  last  for around  3  hours  including a short  comfort  break  at  our  loco shed - Each family  group  will  be allocated a  brake  van veranda  which will  be 2m from any  other  passengers

Due  to the  costs  of  operating these  tours  we  will  have  to  ask  for a  donation of  50  per  Family / Household  group  - its  up to  you  how many  you  put  on  your  veranda  , as  long as  your  all  from the  same  household*

Due  to  Brigg Tourist  information  been closed  special arrangements  have  been made  for  booking places  on these  tours  click here  to book , or  phone us  on 07889 297271

Date Socially  Distance  Brake  Van tour   Status
15-Aug-20   14:00   Sorry!  All Sold  out
29-Aug-20   14:00   Sorry!  All Sold  out
12 Sept -20   14:00   One  place  now available  due  to  cancellation
26- Sept-20   12:00 Note  earlier  start  time  on 26th Sept Sorry!  All Sold  out
10- Oct-20   14:00   Sorry!  All Sold  out
24- Oct-20   14:00   Spaces  Available
31- Oct-20   12:00 Diesel Hauled Sorry!  All Sold  out

*Our  brake  van verandas  hold  up to  6  people, That's  now  the  maximum allowed  under  the current  law

Please  note  all  other  railtours  for  2020  have  been Cancelled  due  to the  coronavirus  pandemic - we  hope  to  be  able to  return to  our  previous   operating model   as  soon an possible