Winter 2023/4

Due to essential maintenance we are taking a break from operating these tours over the winter  period - Tours will return in Summer 2024 ,meanwhile why not look at our Friday evening Pacer tours


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To Reserve a place on one of  these tours please  book through our Partner  Ticket Source by clicking on the  link below


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Terms  and  conditions  of  booking

1. Unfortunately  we  cannot  guarantee you  will be  allocated  to any  veranda  , we  will allocate  verandas on the  day  depending on what  bookings  we  receive - we  will try  and  accommodate  any  requests  made  on the  day

2. If you  are  unable  to join us  after booking a place  , please  note we  can only  offer  refunds  of 90% of amount  paid due  to  card  charges  &  Admin costs  - if  a  cancellation is  made  within 14  days of the  tour  we  will not  be  able  to  give  any  refund  unless we  can resell the places

3.  we  will make  toilet stops  throughout  the  tour  , but there are  no toilets  on the  train

4. we  use  1950's  brake  vans  for  these  tours  to  allow  us  to  access  various  parts  of  the  site  , unfortunately these  are  not  suitable  for  wheelchairs