AFRPS  offer  footplate  days  on both steam and  diesel  locos  from 2  hours  to a  full  day. these  days  can be  tailored  to  suit  individuals subject  to  loco availability

All places  must  be  prebooked  ,by e-mailing , or  telephoning  07889 297271




2 Hour  Driving Experience

  Steam Diesel These  experiences  can be  booked   any  day  that  there  is a  socially  distanced  brake  van tour -they  will  start  at  either  09:30 or  16:00, You will  be  collected  from Frodingham  Station and  drive  the  loco around  the  site  before  returning to  Frodingham platform, a  Brake  van can be  attached  to  the  rear  of  the  loco for   family  to  travel  on Request
1 Person    250 200
2 Persons 400 350


Full Day Driving Experience




09:00- 15:30

These  experiences  can be  booked on most  days  , we  will collect  you  from Frodingham platform  and  take  you  to  our  loco shed.

We  them prepare  the  loco for  the  days  work, our  experienced  instructors will  explain the  controls  to you and we  will  have a  few  practice  runs in the  shed  yard before  going for a  7  mile  ride  round  site .

After  lunch (Not  included) we  take  the  loco back out again with a  small  freight  train around  the  site  , before  returning to the  shed and  disposing of the  loco

1 Person  500 400
2 Persons 800 600



Terms and conditions  of  booking

Participants must be over 18 years of age and be physically and mentally fit with reasonable hearing and vision. In particular participants must be capable of climbing up and descending the vertical steps between the footplate of the locomotive and ground level (approximately 6)

2 All participants  must  follow  the  instructions  of  the  instructor  at all  times  - British Steel  Scunthorpe  is  not a  mainline  railway  and   speeds will  be  limited at  various points  around  the  site.
3  If  you  wish family  members  to  ride  with you please  let  us  know before  the  day and  we  will add a brake  van to the  train.
4 Due  to  Insurance  requirements  all  drivers  must  be  over the  age  of  18.
5 You  must  arrive  on time  for the  experience,   time  on the  footplate is  limited  , late  arrivals  will only  get  the  time  from arrival upto the  end of  their  allocated  period  - if a late  start  is  due  to the  railway  , we  will ensure  you  get your  full time.

The railway reserves the right to refuse access onto locomotives to anyone who appears to be unfit to operate them. This includes anyone who appears to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

7 The  railway  reserve  the  right  to  cancel  these  experiences  should  we  have  a  mechanical or  electrical  failure  on the  unit  which makes it  impossible to  continue. Should  this  occur  , we  welcome  you  to  arrange  another  day.