Our  Story

Back in 1990  British steel were  celebrating 100 years  of  steelmaking at  Scunthorpe , and  every  department  was  asked  to  do something to join in these  celebrations . Keith Norris  the  rail  traffic manager  spoke  with quite a  few  of  the  works  loco drivers and  it  was  decided  to  borrow a  steam engine and  a coach and  take  a  group of  invited dignitaries  around   the  site  by  train. after all  who wants  to  ride  round a  steelworks  on a  train?

The  answer  was  everyone  , and  in 1990  over 100  trips were  run for  school  children and  members of  the  public. the  last  trip in 1990 was  run in September  of  that  year  , but the  requests  kept  coming in.

At the  end of 1990  some  of  the works  drivers  met  with British Steel  management  and  asked  if  they  could  run the  tours again  the  following year , and  the  idea of a  railway preservation group was  born. Belerphon was  borrowed  from the  vintage  carriages  trust  at  Keighley and  British rail  donated  2  railway  carriages. Tours  were  run throughout  the  year  and  any  donations  collected  were  put  towards the  maintenance  of  the  coaches  and  other rolling stock

1992  saw  the arrival  of  Arnold  Machin an 0-6-0 diesel  shunter  from the  east  coast  slag co  which  was  overhauled and  returned to  working order, whilst  steam traction was  provided  by  sir  Berkley  again on loan from the  vintage  carriages  trust . At the  end  of  1992 , one  of  our  members  saw  an advert in the  railway  press  that polish steam locos  were  been sold  at  some  polish steelworks  for  $5000 , these locos  were  ideal  for  us  , so 2  members  visited  poland  and  Hutnik wa  purchased and  brought  back to  Scunthorpe.

In 1993  the  polish steam loco  now  called  Hutnik ( Polish for  Iron worker)  took charge  of  her  first  train  and  as  the  motive  power  for  the  next  12 years

in 1995  one  of  our  members  purchaced  an 0-4-0  saddle  tank which was  brought to Scunthorpe  and  after  an overhaul joined  Hutnick as  motive  power




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