Where we  came from and where we are heading


( British steel loco shed  1972 - now the home of AFR-S)

The Appleby  Frodingham Railway Preservation Society was  formed  back in 1990 . this  followed  on from the  British Steel 100 years  of  steelmaking celebrations at  Scunthorpe. our  aims were to preserve the  industrial railway  heritage  of  Scunthorpe and enable  people to see an integrated steelworks  by train

we are  based in the works  old  loco sheds which British steel have  kindly allowed us to use

over the  last  30+ years  any  funds raised  by operating the  tours  have  been put  back into improving our  locos and  rolling stock and the visitor  experience.

Back in 1990 we  started with a hired steam loco and  coaches  - over the  years  we  have acquired our  own steam loco , diesel locos and  rolling stock and  have  become the  home  of  several privately owned steam locos.  

in 2022 we  changed our name to Appleby Frodingham Railway - Scunthorpe and  became a  charity

on the  early  days a lot of  our  members were  steelworkers  mostly from the works  rail traffic dept, but  over the  years  we have a  more  diversified  membership with members  from all walks  of  life

our  aims  going  forward  are  to continue  to preserve  Scunthorpe's  industrial railway  heritage  and continue to show people  around the  site  by train